RAW: Momotombo Volcano erupts in Nicaragua after 110 years of relative calm

After 110 years of peaceful slumber, the Momotombo Volcano, towering 1,297 meters above the sea level in northwestern Nicaragua, came out of the woodwork with renewed vigor on December 2.

(Soundbite) Lillian Manuela Briceno, Nearby Resident
“When I wake up, I see the smoke and everything becomes reddish.”

The Civil Defense and the National System for Prevention, Mitigation and Attention to Disasters immediately sharpened emergency plans to be ready for any eventuality.

(Soundbite) Genaro Diaz, Nearby Resident
“The house shakes with those tremors, making me want to hurry out.”

The government of Nicaragua declared alert against the eruption and sent several groups of experts to analyze and document the revival of the colossus.

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