RAW: Two Amur tigress cubs rescued in a week

The Land of the Leopard National Park released footage on Monday showing an Amur tiger cub being fed after being rescued near a village in the Khasansky District of Russia’s Primorsky Krai region.

The exhausted and hungry cub was reportedly found lying motionless near a fence by a resident of the Khasansky District. The cub is alleged to be the sister of another four-month old tigress cub that was rescued from dogs last week, before being taken to the quarantine unit of the rehabilitation centre for the reintroduction of tigers and other rare animals.

The Amur tiger, also known as the Siberian tiger is a subspecies that is only found in the Sikhote Alin mountain region and in southwest Primorsky Krai Province in the Russian Far East.

Video courtesy of Land of the Leopard National Park

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