Refugee Crisis Edges Greece to Schengen Suspension

The EU is warning Greece that it could be suspended from the Schengen travel zone.
EU officials accuse Greece of refusing to accept help in accepting more refugees.
Greece would become the first country to be suspended since passport-free travel was established in 1985.
EU officials accused Greece of refusing to call in a special mission from Frontex, the EU border agency;
They say the country is unwilling to accept EU humanitarian aid or revamp its system for registering refugees.
Athens has recently turned down a deployment of up to 400 Frontex staff to immediately reinforce its border with Macedonia.
It complained that their mandate was too broad and went beyond registration.
The European Commission will this month propose a joint border force potentially against the will of frontline states such as Greece.
Greece has been overwhelmed by more than 700 thousand migrants crossing its borders this year.

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