Regional opera of China fascinates iron mine workers in Peru

The Wu Opera performance won standing applause from the Chinese iron mine workers and their local colleagues in Peru’s eastern district of Marcona on January 30.

(Soundbite) Tao Zhongyi, President of Shougang Hierro Peru
“This is the first time that Chinese art troupe visits Marcona and the Shougang Hierro Peru. Our staff members have expected such a day for 24 years.”

The Wu Opera has a history of 400 years as the second major local theatrical genre in China’s Zhejiang Province. The colorful repertoire just made the audience’s eyes wide open.

(Soundbite) José Mendoza, Audience
“Incredible! It is interesting to see how the artists develop their actions and ingenuity.”

The Shougang Hierro is a joint venture between Peru and China, remaining the leading producer of iron ore in Peru for years.

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