Remains of soldiers who died in plane crash arrive in Quito

President Rafael Correa was present at a ceremony at Tababela Airport in Quito, alongside the families of the dead, to receive the remains of soldiers who died on Tuesday in a plane crash in Pastaza. The bodies will be handed over to their families after autopsies are completed.
A military delegation also awaited and will take the bodies of 17 victims to a funerary chapel at Quito’s Superior Military School. The remains of the other five have remained with their families in the Ecuadorian Amazon.
Soundbite:Fernanda Llumiquinga, relative of a dead soldier
“His dream was to be a soldiers. He died doing his duty.”
Correa formally presented his condolences and expressed his solidarity to the families and the military companions of the victims who died in the crash of the Arava E206 plane. The government has launched an immediate investigation into the crash through the Investigation Bureau for Military Accidents.
Defense Minister Ricardo Patiño, who was also present to receive the victims, sent a message of help and solidarity to the families and the military personnel in Pastaza. Furthermore, he stated that the government and the army would help the relatives during this difficult time.
The chapel of the Eloy Alfaro military school in Parcayacu will host the remains, with a ceremony to be conducted in the presence of Correa and senior government officials.

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