Reporter’s note from Wuzhen

CCTV-News is asking all reporters to embrace new media reporting, and has made a huge investment in getting us equipped with new kinds of cameras. My young colleague Lester Xu is one of the most experienced guys from our channel’s new media team, and he’s teaching me a lot in how to use these new weapons in our coverage of Wuzhen World Internet Conference 2015. #WIC #WIC2015
Our “new weapons” here include cutting-edge cameras like a 360-degree virtual reality camera and drones, which allows us to get some of the amazing (and expensive) shots from different angles in this picturesque town. But at the same time we also try to maximize the use of small but smart cameras like a go-pro and an iPhone with a selfie stick. BTW, our iPhones are now connected with CCTV headquarters through 4G network, which allows us to do live-broadcasts with just a smartphone! So next time if you see a selfie taker dressed extremely formal and talking big, don’t be surprised— he might just be a CCTV-News reporter struggling to embrace the new media.

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