Rio Olympic tickets feature spontaneity of Brazilians

Printed tickets of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in August and September are exhibited to the public on May 20 in the capital city.
(Soundbite) BETH LULA, Brand Director of Rio Olympics
“As they go down in history, they will mark our edition of games. We seek to show our essence there. People will have the Brazilian contagious joy, and they will receive a unique memory when they get the tickets.”
Six million out of the 7.5 million Olympic tickets are now out for sale. Around 67 percent of them were sold, an encouraging ratio for the organizing committee.
(Soundbite) DONOVAN FERRETI, Ticketing Director
“Yes, it’s ideal. As I told you, we have sold 67 percent of the tickets. If you keep aside the football, we have 79 percent of the tickets sold. So it is real good considering the local culture (of sports) here in Brazil. People used to buy tickets very close to the event. So we are very happy with the sale so far.
There are exclusive designs for each event and activity, including the opening and closing ceremonies.
The designs characteristic of the spontaneity of the Brazilians make the tickets very much worthy of collection and appreciation.

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