Rio’s Carnival meets 2016 Olympics

In August 2016, the 31st Summer Olympic Games will be hosted by Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, marking the first time the games are held in the South American continent.

To celebrate the historic event, this year’s Rio Carnival staged an Olympic-themed show.

On Sunday evening, the opening night of Rio’s samba parade, the carnival atmosphere at the city’s famed Sambadrome reached a peak. One of the top 14 samba schools competing, the seventh-ranked “Union of islands” samba school, chose “Rio – Olympic city” as the theme of its spectacular float.

SOUNDBITE: Veronica, Samba school dancer
It’s a story related to the Olympic Games, the gods of Olympus are competing with each other, and my character is the symbol of peace.

In addition to its 3,300 performers, the “Union of islands” samba school invited several famous Brazilian athletes and sports enthusiasts to take part in the parade.

The samba school alluded to sports in its songs, dances, costumes and float designs, incorporating Rio’s famous landscape and its residents, who love sports.

SOUNDBITE: Marcelo, Samba school dancer
Our city and sports are closely linked. In South America, our city is without a doubt very good, a place where most people like sports. Choosing it to host the Olympic Games was very appropriate.

More than the highlight of Rio’s carnival celebrations, this year’s parade of samba schools also offered a great opportunity for the city to celebrate another coming attraction, the Rio Olympic Games.

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