Russian entrepreneur: Belt and Road Initiative positive

The General Director of Eastern Energy Company in Russia hailed China proposed Belt and Road Initiative, saying it provides great cooperative opportunities for the world.

SOUNDBITE (RUSSIAN): MIKHAIL SHASHMURIN, General Director, Eastern Energy Company 00.01-00.28
“We already understand that it is basically the strategy of international development and cooperation and it concerns a lot of spheres not just in economy, but also relations in politics, education and intellectual property etc. 09.34-10.00 I can take only a favorable view of it as any cooperation, trade, exchange contribute to better living standards of the population and boosting the economies of the countries participating in such a process. So, it is only positive.”

The director is confident that both Russia and China will benefit from the initiative.

SOUNDBITE (RUSSIAN): MIKHAIL SHASHMURIN, General Director, Eastern Energy Company 03.42-04.00
“As for Russia and China, I believe the both countries will benefit if they set correct goals and priorities and manage to implement the project on mutually beneficial basis. In this case both Russia and China will win.”

Eastern Energy Company has been cooperating with Chinese companies for long.

Since 2009 the company has been supplying China with electric power.

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