Russian police foil Moscow terror plot

Russia’s counterterrorism agency on Sunday raided an apartment in western Moscow and arrested a group of people on suspicion of plotting a bomb attack on the capital’s transport system.

The Federal Security Bureau said in a statement on Monday that it seized 5kg of explosives complete with a phone-activated detonator.

The FSB did not say how many people were detained but said “between six and 11 people” frequented the apartment.

The agency said the men had arrived in Moscow “well before” Russia started carrying out air strikes in Syria on Sept. 30.

Some speculate that Moscow’s bombing campaign in Syria could increase terrorism threats inside Russia.

President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Monday the Russian security services have been alerted to the threat of possible terrorist attacks and are ready to tackle them at any time.

(Video courtesy of Ruptly)

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