Sanctuary takes care of 800 stray dogs for adoption in deep mountains of Costa Rica

In the mountains of Santa Barbara de Heredia and Carrizal de Alajuela in Costa Rica, there is a large shelter for abandoned dogs now living in freedom with relative comfort.

(Soundbite) MARCELA CASTRO, Territory Worker
“Over the years we have neutered, collected and castrated thousands of stray dogs. If we do the math, billions of dogs are less on the street. We try to give a home to the dogs that had no chance of finding a family.”

The sanctuary to over 800 dogs is known as “Territory of Zaguates,” over hills and grassy slopes.

(Soundbite) LYA BATTLE, Territory Founder
“I started with a dog that is still here called Bear, with whom I opened my eyes and I said, a cute dog, a good dog, a dog deserving a home.”

Supported by volunteers, all the dogs are sterilized, vaccinated and de-wormed, so they can live happily on the 1,000 square meters of territory, roaming free while receiving proper care.

(Soundbite) BRIAN ALVAREZ, Territory Worker
“Here we take care of the animals. They do not fight, do not get sick, and they really have freedom to walk, and zero bad actions against animals.”

Each dog has its own name, as the 8-year-long shelter bases its logic on unique personality.

(Soundbite) EMMA RAMIREZ, U.S. Visitor
“I came because I love dogs and want to come and see them. They are absolutely charming. It is very funny walk and all these dogs are adorable and great.”

The shelter prohibits any sacrifice and a dog can live here until an adoption is arranged.

(Soundbite) KELLY O’FARREL, U.S. Visitor
“I think they do a very good job with dogs. You see they are going very well, have a lot of freedom here and everything that a dog would want.”

If a person wants to adopt any of them, he has to book an appointment and take a long walk down the mountain with the dogs.

(Soundbite) LYA BATTLE, Territory Founder
“Somehow we made it. Veterinarians help us establish credit. Some people help us and give us time, and so we go out of inches, and we live a very simple life to give something to them.”

Magic attachment occurs during the walk, which assures an adoption forthcoming with love.

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