Saudi-led airstrikes kill 30 in Yemen

In Yemen, some 30 people have been killed and scores more injured after the capital Sanaa was pounded by coalition airstrikes throughout Saturday.

Reports said at least two residential neighborhoods in the Old City of Sanaa, a world heritage site, were hit by several air raids that destroyed houses, shops and public properties.

Local residents said the overnight airstrikes are the heaviest since the war broke out on March 26.

Yemen’s Houthi-controlled Health Ministry has appealed to the international community and relief organizations to provide aid to hospitals in Sanaa due to the surging number of casualties and lack of equipment and medicines.

The Saudi-led coalition has been air striking the Iran-backed Shiite Houthi group across Yemen on a daily basis since March 26, when Yemeni President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi fled to the Saudi capital Riyadh to take refuge.

The coalition said its intervention aims to restore Hadi’s authority in the country.

The Houthis has controlled much of Yemen, including the capital Sanaa since September 2014, before ousting Hadi and his government.

Pro-government forces, backed by troops and armored vehicles from the coalition, have recaptured five southern provinces including the southern city port of Aden since July.

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