Scholar hails President Xi’s governance

A Kenyan economist says that significant achievements have been made across all sectors of governance in the years since Xi made his pledge to journalists.

SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH) Kenyan economist
“If I look back over the last twelve months, there has been a lot of progress. I think there is a lot more to be done and I think Xi Jinping strikes me as somebody who is embedded in the world, more worldly than any other Chinese leaders. So I have got high hopes for the reform program.”

The economist says the concept of Chinese dream proposed by President Xi covers many aspects and is practicable.

SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH) Kenyan economist
“The president Xi Jinping came into power and the overrating philosophy I think he called it the “Chinese dream” and this was the idea of reforming the Chinese society and economy and it involved looking at the economy, increasing prosperity and also I think improving the military.”

The economist also says in just three years, Xi and the CPC leadership have successfully steered China closer to realizing the Chinese Dream.

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