School in Buenos Aires dedicated to teaching traditional Chinese medical therapy

Ailing blood oozes out, after the pressured cup is applied on and taken away from your back.

Circulation within your body turns smooth, after silver needles are pricked to the right spots.

School of Naturopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Buenos Aires has been the holy temple of the locals who believe in the effectiveness of traditional Chinese medical therapy.

(Soundbite) Orlando Gallardo, Professor of Traditional Chinese Medical Therapy
“It is a complete training where all the knowledge of Chinese medical diagnosis and therapies as part of its ancient culture is provided. We try to preserve the spirit of teaching that has come out of thousands of years of practice by Chinese masters throughout the world. ”

The curriculum ranges from acupuncture, oriental diagnosis, massage or Tui Na in Chinese, moxibustion, cupping to herbal medicine, with the support of the World Health Organization.

(Soundbite) Orlando Gallardo, Professor of Traditional Chinese Medical Therapy
“People here in Argentina and in parts of this continent seek traditional Chinese medical therapy, as it has proven to be effective. It is the oldest treatment in the world and it still helps us preserve health.”

Public professionals, doctors, physical therapists, masseurs, as well as martial artists have been attracted to the class, where they get graduated and bring boon to more Argentinians.

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