Schoolgirl almost blinded as sausage skewer thrusts into eye

A 7-year old girl in north China’s Hebei Province was nearly blinded after the skewer of a sausage she was eating accidentally impaled into one of her eyes.

The girl, known as Yiyi, was having the snack in a compound near her home in Baoding City on Oct. 6 when she somehow thrust the bamboo stick into her own left eye.

Yiyi’s mother, who was at home preparing lunch, rushed outside at the loud cry from her daughter.

Yiyi was sent to one of the best hospitals in the city, where doctors carefully removed the skewer which had penetrated the skin and became lodged between the eyeball and the eyelid.

The child was found to have suffered no permanent injury or loss of sight after the 10-hour ordeal.

Doctors say Yiyi was extremely fortunate that the stick narrowly avoided her eyeball, and that the result could have been catastrophic if she was not treated in hospital timely.

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