Scioli, Macri head for runoff of general election of Argentina

Argentina’s presidential election is going for a Nov. 22 runoff between the ruling party’s candidate Daniel Scioli and conservative rival Mauricio Macri, according to initial polling results on Oct. 25.

(Soundbite) Daniel Scioli, Presidential Candidate
“Today our beloved people spoke by the polls. The victory is a new proof of confidence. Thanks with all my heart.”

The two candidates were on a tie with around 35 percent of votes each, but Scioli was widely considered to be the front-runner heading into the vote.

(Soundbite) Mauricio Macri, Presidential Candidate
“What happened today changed the politics of this country. The state does not abandon us and that no one steals what belongs to everyone. That is what we Argentines want. ”

Argentina’s laws require a candidate to secure 45 percent of the votes to win, or 40 percent with a 10-point advantage over the runner up.

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