Seasonal driving restriction imposed in Mexico City

In order to contain air pollution, Mexico City required all motor vehicles to stop transit one day each week and one Saturday each month, just starting from April 5 till June 30 this year.

(Soundbite) Rubén Gallardo, Vehicle Driver
“It affects as well as benefits. I hope it well, as pollution is quite strong. Such a measure is expected to be a solution for the problem.”

The restriction was seasonal, because wind and rain rarely happened from March to June while contamination accumulated to a harmful level.

Though a necessary measure, not all drivers agreed.

(Soundbite) Alejandro Silva, Vehicle Driver
“First, it hurts the economy. Second, limitation should not be the same for all ranges of vehicles. Different ones pollute to different levels.”

Rainy season starts in July in Mexico City. The air is expected to be clean then on natural basis and the driving restriction will become loose.

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