Self-service bookstand in Nanjing

Without any staff, a self-service bookstand has appeared in downtown Nanjing, east China.

It’s also a test of peoples’ integrity.

On four bookshelves, most of the some 1,500 books on sale are used books with 70 percent discount.

And the books are sold in a self-service mode, which requires buyers to leave money in a box voluntarily before taking the books away.

“Books are sold by self-service. Customers choose books they want and pay the money by themselves. For now, all the books sold are properly paid.”

The bookseller says more than 300 books have been sold since it opened last week with a total revenue of more than 400 U.S. dollars.

Most customers so far have been proved to be honest buyers.

“The society needs integrity, it’s good to develop the moral value for that.”

The bookstand will continue to stay for another week, and is planned to open in more places throughout Nanjing.

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