Shenzhen policeman suspended for ‘uncivilized behavior’ toward women

A police officer in Baoan District in south China’s Shenzhen has been suspended for his questionable law enforcement practice last month.

A video clip posted by a Weibo user @Daisy-mengbing showed the officer apprehending two women for failing to show their identity cards during a routine check in the city’s streets.

The video recorded the rash ride with the officer in his van: the two women can be heard arguing with the policeman, repeatedly saying he was wrong.

“You don’t know the law, I will teach you, and imprison you with thieves, burglars and criminals bearing HIV/AIDS,” the officer harshly replied in the video.

The women, in their defense, said they were neither aware of any regulation that required them to show their IDs nor the officer showed his identification document while on duty.

The video was soon a topic of discussion on Chinese social media.

“The police have power but they cannot exercise their power as they want. Where is the law?” @Xiehaha_0824 commented.

“Although you have your ID card with you, it is useless because I (the police officer) doubt your document is fake. Please go to the police station for document verification,” @LYiD commented sarcastically.

“We will easily lose confidence on public power authorities. Please take it seriously,” said @Gaoerjiya.

Responding to the flurry of online fury, Baoan Police said on its official Weibo account that the city’s public security bureau had started an investigation to the officer.

Earlier today, Baoan Police announced they had suspended the police officer in the video for his poor code of conduct while on duty. Meanwhile, the leadership of Baoan Police has apologized to the two women, according to the Weibo post.

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