Singapore commemorates 70th anniversary of end of WWII

Singapore’s National Heritage Board on Thursday organized a ceremony at the same City Hall Chamber where the 1945 surrender ceremony in Singapore took place to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II.

Two survivors of the war recounted their memories of life during the Japanese Occupation.

“The pain, sufferings, hunger and deprivations during the Japanese occupation taught me that one should never allow a foreign country to rule over one’ s country. The war was therefore important in making us realize that we can only rely on ourselves in our fight for independence.”

Singapore’s Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Lawrence Wong stressed that the memories of the war account part of Singapore’s history as the country marks the fiftieth year of independence as a nation.

SOUNDBITE:(ENGLISH) LAWRENCE WONG, Singapore’s Minister for Culture, Community and Youth
“As we look back, let us never forget the lessons we have learned about the importance of peace and stability across nations, and the price that comes with violence and conflict. Let us never forget the men, women and children who paid that price.”

During World War II, Singapore was occupied by Japanese forces for three and a half years.

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