Six Argentineans make cardboards into protective covers for literary books

A cooperative body of six Argentineans collects cardboards on the streets of Buenos Aires, which they have made into protective covers for over 300 titles of Latin American literary books so far.

(Soundbite) Miriam Merlo, Staff Member of Eloisa Cartonera
“Eloisa Cartonera is a “publishing house” that “publishes” books of Latin American literature made with cardboards, which are bought from pickers on streets.”

Pickers or scavengers appreciate the work very much, because they get money here and the cardboards they collect are changed into something valuable and worth keeping.

(Soundbite) Miriam Merlo, Staff Member of Eloisa Cartonera
“Each book is unique. We do everything by hand. After buying the cartons, we paint them, we put them together, and we edit them, all by hand.”

The members of Eloisa Cartonera have kept their job since 2001, when Argentina was hit by an economic crisis and every possible street means was upheld for livelihood.

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