Skateboard crew shores up Chilean women’s social role

Even though it is a vintage hobby that emerged in the 1960s, skateboarding has recently gained a much higher profile among girls in Chile, as members of the Longboard Girls Crew add social skills to the sports history.

(Soundbite) Javiera Esteban, Chilean Ambassador of Longboard Girls Crew
“Here in Chile with my friend Natalia Ortiz, we do that to take the female scene, encourage them from a standpoint of sport to compete, cooperate and create a family where we can help the country.”

Longboard Girls Crew is a worldwide women’s movement. It contacts fans on a regular basis and has appointed ambassadors in 70 countries and regions. The movement basically aims to motivate women on a social level through their engagement with the sport.

(Soundbite) Javiera Esteban, Chilean Ambassador of Longboard Girls Crew
“The Longboard game is about speed and adrenaline which I love to explore at its every drop. Each time I come here, there are many people with the same motivation and thus following you, supporting you and uniting us all. The same passion and energy united us as one.”

Newly-named ambassador, Javiera Esteban has turned to social media to promote the crew’s idea and update tricks, thus enticing more nationals as well as foreigners to join their team and to share expertise and social motivations.

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