Sniffer dogs mobilized against possible terrorism at Olympics 2016

You do not need to worry. This is only a drill for the safety of the Olympic Games less than four months ahead in Rio de Janeiro.

(Soundbite) NUNES, Drill Officer
“In fact we will use techniques to rescue hostages. Tactic input will be tailored to specific situations that can possibly happen in Rio de Janeiro.”

Labrador and Malinois dog breeds were selected to work with armed forces for the stimulant bomb detection job on April 12.

(Soundbite) RESENDE, Dog Coach
“We use ingredients of explosives (for the dogs to sniff out), but they are substances completely stable without the risk of explosion.”

The sniffer dogs used to work for the military police six hours a day and retire after eight years in service. But for the upcoming games, they may face something different.

(Soundbite) VITOR VALLE, Drill Officer
“Brazil has not seen terrorism, but the Olympics did in its history. The risk exists and we are preparing with effective measures within the international protocols in response to incidents.”

Labradors are famous for detecting explosives and weapons, thus becoming the stars of the canine group. However, they can also be rebellious, and work better when partnered with their Malinois companions.

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