Sniffer dogs put on drill for anti-terrorism purpose in Rio Olympics

Sniff dogs became vigilant, once they were released to the Guanabara Bay for the anti-terrorism exercise on barge on June 9.

Over 100,000 commuters went through the wharf from Rio de Janeiro to Niteroi or vice versa on weekdays, with danger lurking anywhere possible.

(Soundbite) VICTOR MARTIRES, Dog Coach
“We mobilize the dogs for simulated search and they will show us where the explosive substance might be.”

A search in the cabin was tight and busy, but occasionally with a reward out of surprise.

(Soundbite) VICTOR MARTIRES, Dog Coach
“After training for a year or a year and a half, a sniffer dog can react faster. It depends on the individuals.”

The drill aimed for the dogs to detect explosives, weapons and drugs in preparation for the Olympic and Paralymic Games to be held in Rio during August and September.

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