South Korean found “committing suicide” in China

A South Korean died on Sunday after falling from a hotel in northeast China’s Jilin Province.

The man, Choi Doo Yeong, was one of 11 officials sent by the South Korean government to help cope with the aftermath of a deadly bus accident, which killed 10 South Korean tourists and a Chinese driver in Jilin.

SOUNDBITE: GUO YUANQIANG, Ji’an City Public Security Bureau
“We looked at the CCTV footage and enquired witnesses. There was no one inside his room when the incident occurred. We have ruled out the possibility of a homicide, and concluded that Choi Doo Yeong committed suicide.”

A bus, carrying 26 South Korean tourists, fell off a bridge on Wednesday afternoon in Ji’an, killing 11 people.

Bodies of the ten South Korean victims were sent back to South Korea via chartered flight on Monday.

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