Speak On, China business is at hand

An emerging Mexican company developed an app “Speak On” for smart-phones to translate text messages instantly.

The idea originated to facilitate talks between global business partners, especially those of Mexico and China.

(Soundbite) Carlos Gotlib Micha, Ububble CEO
“I have a lot of contacts with suppliers from China and it was very complicated to communicate with them. It was impossible for me to speak in Chinese in my communication with them. Hence came the original idea (to invent the application).”

With Speak On installed, when a user sends a message in Spanish to a receiver only speaking Chinese, the receiver can get the message in Chinese.

Such an innovation makes Speak On stand out in the market of instant message software, which is now dominated by WhatsApp, Line and WeChat.

(Soundbite) Carlos Gotlib Micha, Ububble CEO
“We have marketed Speak On for a week and a half. The truth was that we had many more users than expected. The platform responded well but met with many problems associated with the servers. We are trying to improve them. We expect one million downloads in six months. We already had 200,000 users in the first seven days.”

Inspired by Steve Jobs of Apple, the designer Carlos Gotlib Micha and his partners at Ububble developed Speak On, with many updated functions, to compete with others.

(Soundbite) Carlos Gotlib Micha, Ububble CEO
“So we created a function called AutoResponder. When you’re driving and someone writes you (on mobile phone), AutoResponder can automatically answer for you (to avoid your distraction).”

Due to its linguistic advantage, Speak On has been downloaded by users in 106 countries and regions so far. The small team at Ububble has a lot to do in the future to update the app and win more market shares.

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