Sport cars on show in Mexico City to welcome return of F1 race

Motorex Mexico attracts the attention of local fans with a five-day exhibition showing off a variety of racing that will end Sunday at the Banamex Center in Mexico City.

(Soundbite) Alejandro Medina, Automotive Engineering Student
“The new cars have many things implemented, like security and performance enhancement. For example, Volkswagen’s TCI motors are excellent in the aspect of fuel economy and power. It is wonderful and good. As an automotive engineering student, I hope to enter this field and develop technologies.”

A large number of motor sport enthusiasts flock to the exhibition, which is being held right before the return of the Formula 1 competition to the city in November.

(Soundbite) Raul Ibanez, Visitor.
“So here you can see all the innovations in the world of automotive, every innovation even in circuits. Now we will have the Grand Prix of Mexico with all the renovations. You know that the world of motor sport leads to greater innovation for itself and for general cars.”

There are 80 cars from 18 different categories on display until Sunday. They include some vintage types with imposing classic beauty.

Additional attractions such as simulators, racing tracks and electrical toys also help ignite the passion of the ardent visitors and fans.

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