Street show staged to heat up regional pole dance competition in Argentina

Stretching and hanging of young bodies in downtown Buenos Aires marveled passers-by on Nov. 20, and highlighted the city’s upcoming host of the South American Championship of Pole Dance.
(Soundbite) Daniela Schmoll, Argentine Pole Dancer
“I’ve been exercising pole dance for many years. I love it. Last year we were the champions. I compete now in the duo category and hopefully I will defend the title.”
The sample show reflected the contestants’ winning determination for the regional tournament from Nov. 21 to 23 in the capital city.
(Soundbite) Angel Fregoso, Mexican Pole Dancer
“I would like to do a very good job here, so that they can see more or less what level we have in Mexico.”
Over 150 competitors from Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Paraguay, Ecuador, Venezuela, El Salvador and Mexico will contend in 11 categories at the eighth championship, which is sponsored by the International Pole Dance Fitness Association and the Argentine Pole Sport Association.

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