Strong storm hits Lebanon


Snow covered northern and eastern regions of Lebanon as storm Vladimir hit the country, blocking several roads and some inland villages isolated.


Areas in northern Lebanon were strongly hit by the storm that included heavy rains and snowfalls.

Lebanese security forces have suggested citizens to avoid taking mountain roads.

However, there are still a number of people were stranded in their cars because of the snow.

SOUNDBITE 2 (Arabic) Ghassan Ali, Lebanon resident
“Snow causes a lot of problems here in the village. The snow blocks the roads and causes power outage. There is no transportation and nobody to open the blocked roads. We use the village’s machines and our cars to open blocked roads. We hope the government helps us to open roads.”

The Lebanese Red Cross announced a state of alert and the readiness of six ambulances and 40 paramedics during the period of the storm.

Maritime traffic completely stopped in Sidon’s port in the southern part of the country because of the heavy rains and strong wind.

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