Strong winds batter southern China, blow roof away

Strong winds ripped through southern China in the past several days, leaving quite a bit of damage to the region.
Last Sunday evening, Guigang, a city in southern China’s Guangxi Autonomous Region, saw wind gusts upwards of 60.2 mph. Footage recorded by a surveillance camera at a crossroad in the city’s downtown district captured the moment showing pedestrians and fences were blown to the ground by strong winds.
It was reported that the gale force ripped down dozens of power lines in the region, triggering power outages, and damaging plenty of vegetable planting bases. Luckily, power has been recovered after emergency repair work on Monday, one day after the extreme weather. Rescue work was also conducted by local government to minimize losses.
High winds also battered southwest China’s Yunnan Province, which was located in the west of Guangxi, on Monday afternoon. Brought by convective weather, high winds were seen blowing away a shed’s roof in a mobile stock clip. A massive tree that was dozen centimeters thick was seen uprooted and crashed into a vehicle nearby.
Watch the video to witness the chaotic scene as high winds ripped down sheds and trees.

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