Suicide car bombing kills 22 in N. Afghanistan

At least 22 people have been killed in a suicide car bomb attack in northern Afghanistan.

The bombing, which occurred on Saturday night, is the latest in a wave of attacks to hit the country since Friday.

At least 22 people were killed when the car bomb was detonated in northern Afghanistan’ s Kunduz province late on Saturday.

Local official said among the victims were 19 pro-government militiamen and three civilians. Some 11 people, including three civilians, were also injured.

The Taliban militant group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Saturday’s bloodshed came just a day after a wave of attacks killed 50 people in the country’s capital Kabul.

The conflict between the government and the Taliban has intensified since the NATO combat mission ended last year.

According to the UN, almost 5,000 civilians were killed or wounded in Afghanistan in the first half of the year, settine a new record high.

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