Swimming with whale shark unique experience for visitors in northwestern Mexico

Swimming together with whale shark is a unique experience for divers in Mexico’s Pacific island state of Baja California Sur, thanks to the mammal’s docility, especially in contrast with its peers like gray whale and humpback.

(Soundbite) HUGO, French Tourist
“I think it is an amazing experience, very close to the whale sharks. It looks like that they are accustomed to humans who are close to them.”

Whale shark is considered the world’s largest fish, usually growing to nine meters long and primarily feeding on phytoplankton and small fish.

(Soundbite, Spanish) JULIO CESAR FIGUEROA ALVAREZ, Swimming Service Provider
“Whale shark does not jump as gray whale and humpback, so there is no danger. One can swim to its side three or four meters away, but not sticking to its tail. Whale shark is not dangerous at all. It is a very docile animal, very friendly to humans, either children or adults.”

Inhabiting all year round in the Bay of La Paz, whale shark remains one of the major attractions for local and domestic visitors coming to the state for marine sightseeing.

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