Syria: a new wrangling arena for U.S. & Russia

The U.S. military said Monday it had airdropped small arms ammunition for Syrian rebel groups fighting the Islamic State.
Citing U.S. defense officials, the U.S. TV network CNN said the U.S. military delivered 50 metric tons of ammunition to rebel groups.
112 pallets were air dropped.
The U.S.’ s move comes barely two weeks after Russia air-strik hit IS targets in Syria.
Russia’ s entry could mean confrontation for the two super military powers.
The U.S. wants to remove Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from and is supporting the rebels as a result.
But Putin has voiced his support for Assad.
Russia’ s sudden military intervention sends a message: the two countries are once again competing in the Middle East.
Many fear that the two powers’ direct involvement in Syria could prolong the country’ s instability.

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