Syrian president vows no choice but victory, even at high price

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says his administration has no choice but to win, and that the price of victory is high.

While meeting with the Lawyers Syndicate in Damascus on Monday, Assad said the Syrian war is an “external” one, and that the Syrian state withstood big challenges during the crisis.

One of the big challenges, Assad says, is the brain drain — the immigration of Syrians to foreign countries, which is now known as the refugee crisis.

Meanwhile, the president says countering terrorism and achieving national reconciliation are the basis for a solution.

He says the Syrian government deems everyone holding arms in the face of the Syrian army as a “terrorist.”

Regarding talks about a possible Saudi and Turkey military intervention in Syria, Assad says some countries could “commit follies,” noting that Saudi Arabia and Turkey are not the decision makers, but the Western powers.

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