Taiwan opens first “comfort women” museum

Taiwan opened its first “comfort women” museum on Tuesday, which was also the International Women’s Day.

The “A-ma Museum”, located in Dadaocheng area of Taipei, is dedicated to Taiwanese women forced to become sex slaves by the invading Japanese army during World War II.

The museum preserves stories of the “comfort women”, allowing younger generations to learn more about the history and the issue of women’s rights.

Taiwan leader Ma Ying-jeou and one of the island’s three remaining “comfort women”, attended the museum’s opening ceremony.

Ma says the museum is established not for the sake of revenge, but to let people know about the truth and never forget lessons of war.

According to Taipei Women’s Rescue Foundation, which runs the museum, around 2,000 Taiwanese women were forced to become sex slaves during WWII.

The foundation has identified 58 of them but now only several are still alive.

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