Taiwan telecom fraud stirs tensions

China is battling an explosion of telecom fraud that has cost billions of dollars in financial losses and driven some victims to suicide, with most perpetrators located in Taiwan. Earlier this month 45 fraud suspects from Taiwan were deported by Kenya to Beijing. Kenya’s choice to extradite the suspects to the Chinese mainland rather than Chinese Taiwan has stirred tensions between Beijing and Taipei. How will Taiwan’s new pro-independence government respond? Since 2009, Taiwan and theChinese mainland have had in place a crime assistance agreement, but this case represents a setback in cooperation. Are politics the real driving force? And where does Taiwanese public opinion stand on these issues? Join us for a chat about telecom fraud and cross-strait relations, with Mr. Zhong Houtao, a researcher in Taiwan studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; and in Taipei, Joanna Lei, a former legislator and head of research at the Chunghua 21st Century Think Tank.

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