Tattoo Show arrives in Buenos Aires

Tattoo fans have a mandatory meeting point -the international tattooists convention. ‘Tattoo Show 2016’ is in its 12th year in Buenos Aires, the oldest headquarters in Latin America.

This is the biggest convention in terms of turn out in South America and it was declared a point of cultural interest in the Argentinian capital.

(SOUNDBITE, español) – Juan Solo, Tattooist
“Here in Argentina it (tattoo popularity) has grown a lot. The world of tattoos, since a few years ago, began to become more popular thanks to many things coming from abroad such as tattoo television programs, reality shows etc. This opened it up to all social fields, to all social levels because people from showbiz started getting tattoos.”

Once again, in this edition there will be the traditional tattoo competitions, related seminars, electing a ‘Miss Tattoo’ and ‘Miss Pin-up’ and live bands that bring a special something to the event.

(SOUNDBITE, español) – Patricia y Javier, festival participants
“We love tattoos. Actually, we have quite a lot of tattoos and we like getting tattoos. It’s really great that there are events like this.”

The 12th Tattoo Show will attract some people from the specialized reality shows from the United States such as InkMaster, Tattoo Nightmares Miami and Miami Ink.

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