Teacher forces student to smash her phone for violating class rule

There was pin-drop silence in the classroom except the echoing sound of a student smashing her phone. She walked from one side of the class to another, throwing her phone multiple times until it cracked.
And that was her punishment for using the phone in class.
A teacher at a Dongguan city in Guangdong Province, demanded that the student break her phone for violating the class code of conduct.
The teacher, Mr. Jiang, is said to be known for being strict at the City College of Dongguan University of Technology’s department of finance. Before the incident, Mr. Jiang had stressed about a zero- tolerance cellphone policy in his class. If found using, the students had to either smash their phones or accept a 30-point deduction in the final grade. In Chinese colleges, that deduction could lead to ultimately failing a class.
And the teacher had threatened to fail her if she didn’t smash the phone, a witness told Guangzhou Daily newspaper.
The recent cellphone episode has struck chord with many social media users who practically live and thrive on their smartphones. While some have questioned the policy, others are debating if the teacher was too strict.

“Although the student was wrong playing on her mobile in class, it’s not right that the teacher threatened to fail her. Mobile phone is a student’s personal property. The teacher should have educated her in a right way,” wrote Weibo user @Qiaoyue-G.
“Would the student have played on her mobile phone had she enjoyed your class? And isn’t it a waste of resources smashing the phone? A teacher should focus his attention on delivering a good lecture and attract his students with content rather than forcing his students to pay attention by enforcing strict rules,” said @Good_luck.
“But I think if a teacher sets the rules and the consequences of violating them, the students should be responsible to bear the punishment, no matter how severe it is,” argued @Teamoyzd supporting the teacher.
“I think students should be banned from bringing mobiles to the classrooms. This is both good for the students themselves and the society’s development in the long run,” said @Zhangjiayong.
The college, however, decided that Mr. Jiang’s action was too extreme and has asked him to compensate for the student’s loss. The college also demanded the teacher to reflect on his teaching methods and educate his students in a more reasonable way.
And ironically, while the student was being punished for violating the cellphone rule, another student was capturing the entire drama on a cellphone.
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