Teacher jumps to manure pit, saves 3-year-old’s life

A teacher in central China’s Hunan Province has been hailed a hero for saving a three-year-old boy from a cesspool.

The child accidentally fell into the nearly 2-meter-high manure pit in a village in Lengshuijiang city on April 16.

“He thought it was just grass and stepped on it. Then he fell down into the pit. Soon the teacher came over and jumped in. It’s so stinky.”

The teacher, Yang Wenli, was traveling in the village when the accident occurred.

SOUNDBITE: YANG WENLI, Teacher, Lengshuijiang City
“I jumped in and soon dragged the child above the surface. I was so relieved that I forgot all the smell there.”

The cesspool was used by local farmers as a tank to collect waste as fertilizer. Its water level grew to 1.7 meters due to continuous rainfall.

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