Technical tie occurs between Fujimori, PPK in runoff of Peruvian general election

The runoff of general election is held in Peru on June 5, with a technical tie occurring between both candidates.

Populist candidate Keiko Fujimori casts her ballot in peace, later with unofficial statistics showing a slight lead for her.

(Soundbite) Ermelinda Pinasco, Housewife
“(I’d vote for) Keiko. Her father did many things that would fail me to talk about that person. Not to judge the past. We must live in the present.”

41-year-old Fujimori enjoys solid support from the grassroots, and her party has snatched more than 70 seats in the unicameral 130-seat Congress.

(Soundbite) Mariela Castillo, Warehouse Assistant
“I want everyone to continue to work together. There should be no hard feelings, because nothing of that is going to serve our purpose. Whoever loses has to accept the reality and work with the new government.”

But the female candidate shoulders a burden from her father Alberto Fujimori, who is now in jail for corruption and human rights abuse during his rule of the country from 1990 to 2000.

(Soundbite) Patricia Carmen, student
“I hope there will be security, no theft. We need no more lies. It is especially for the country to feel safe and good, with daily progresses and not back to the past.”

Keiko’s adversary, 77-year-old Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, or PPK, is widely reported to lean over the business group and city elite, with rich experience in cabinet and education background in the United States and Britain.

Both candidates share a determination to continue with market economy and crack down on rampant crimes. The elected candidate will be sworn in on July 28.

(Soundbite) Roxana Alzamora, Economist
“Where I live theft occurs all the time, but the police did not come out. We need more security for people on the streets. Let us leave out the armed institutions.”

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