Temer in, Rousseff out, Brazil undertakes major shift

Temer in, Rousseff out, Brazil undertakes major shift

May 13 marks the first full day that Michel Temer governs the largest economy of Latin America, with his 22-member all-white-male cabinet and a promise to salvage the country out of the worst ever eoconomic recession.

(Soundbite) MICHEL TEMER, Acting President of Brazil
“As I have said over time, it is urgent to pacify the nation and unify Brazil. It is urgent to do a government of national salvation. Political parties, leaders, organized entities and Brazilian people, all they will provide is their collaboration to strip the country of this serious crisis we are in.”

Longtime leader of the centrist Democratic Movement Party, Vice President Temer became Acting President on May 12, after the Senate decided to put President Dilma Rousseff on suspension for impeachment trial over manipulating state budget.

(Soundbite) MICHEL TEMER, Acting President of Brazil
“My first word to the Brazilian people is trust. (We should have) confidence in the values of our people, (and trust) the vitality of our democracy, the confidence in economic recovery and the potential of our country as well as the social and political institutions.”

While leaving the presidential residence the same day, Rousseff vowed to lead her leftist Workers’ Party to fight along its road against the so-called “coup” allegedly staged by her deputy.

(Soundbite) PAOLA BRAGA, Rousseff’s Supporter
“The Michel Temer government is an illegitimate one. We don’t recognize it, as it is not elected. It is a government of traitor against the people and the Brazilian democracy. We will be here and follow up in the fight until we have democracy in the country. Everyone needs to know that a coup is materialized today in Brazil.”

Rousseff’s departure means a temporary ending of the 13 years ruling of Brazil by the Workers’ Party that pursues social and economic gains for the working class.

If finally impeached in at least 180 days, Temer will serve out the remaining term of Rousseff until December 2018.

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