Terrorism is result of greed of West: Briton mourning Paris attacks victims

Amid the panic and anguish, Parisians and residents elsewhere are showing their solidarity for victims of the deadly attacks in France.

In Paris, people started waiting in lines since 7 o’ clock in the morning to donate blood to the wounded.

“The solidarity people have shown is very impressive. I want to thank all the blood donors very much.”

In Berlin, the German flag flew at half-mast, in a symbol of mourning.

Despite the chilly weather, thousands of people gathered in front of the French embassy, bringing with them candle lights and flowers.

SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH): JANE, British citizen
“I think it’ s a really really sad day. I’ ve been here… You can’ t help come here and cry. The loss of so many young lives, people who are absolutely, totally innocent. But I believe there’ s a lot of blood on the hands of the West as well. Terrorism doesn’ t come from nowhere. Terrorism is the result of greed of the West. So I think this morning a lot of people waking up and realizing that it isn’ t just these insane, vile people who created this horrible, unbelievably vile act, but there is blood on the hands of the politicians, too. Yeah, terrible day, terrible day for the world.”

SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH): BEN, French citizen
“I just had a typical Berlin evening, having music and beer. When I came back home, my wife asked me do you know what happened in Paris, and I was shocked. Our heart is in Paris, but we are not in Paris. This is the reason why we are here in front of the Embassy. We should not change our life. We should continue again and again in the same way. We don’ t want to be afraid. We don’ t have to be afraid. Because if we do, if we are afraid, they win. So we just must continue again and again.”

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