The Lost Civilization of Sanxingdui

In 1986 a startling discovery was made in Sichuan Province, China: two sacrificial pits filled with strange bronze masks, a divine tree thought to connect heaven and earth, and a life-sized statue of an enigmatic shaman king. They thought to belong to a hitherto unknown civilization over 3,000 years old: Sanxingdui.
Its discovery rocked the archaeological world. How was it possible for such an advanced civilization to flourish in a relatively isolated corner of China? Why did they create such wonderful works of art? How did they learn to create bronzeware thought to be more advanced than that of ancient Egypt? And most importantly, who were they?
In this episode of Travelogue, join presenter Tianran He as he attempts to unravel the secrets of the lost civilization of Sanxingdui.

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