The Queen’s Apparels to be Displayed in Buckingham Palace

The special exhibition “Fashioning a Reign: 90 Year of Style from The Queen’s Wardrobe” opens on Saturday at Buckingham Palace.

As one of the important events for Buckingham Palace in this summer, the exhibition displays various classic apparels of Queen Elizabeth II over 90 years, from the christening gown worn by the month-old Princess Elizabeth to her military uniform during the second World War, and various of her favourite block-colour dress worn in numerous public occasions throughout her life.

Visitors to this year’s Summer Opening of the State Rooms at Buckingham Palace could enjoy this unprecedented display from the Royal family.

SOUNDBITE: CAROLINE DE GUITAUT, Senior Curator of Decorative Arts
“This exhibition ‘Fashioning a Reign: 90 Years of a Style from The Queen’s Wardrobe’, marks Her Majesty’s 90th birthday, through unprecedented display of fashionable dress drawn Her Majesty’s wardrobe, which marks some of the important occasions and the Queen’s life in our national history. There are so many highlights, it’s very difficult to say, but we do have on display dresses marked each decade of the Queen’s life, a range to thematically represent how clothes support the Queen in various different roles, as head of the state, head of commonwealth, head of armed forces and so on. And one of the key things is that for the first time ever, we have two of arguably the most important dresses in the Queen’s life on display together for the first time. There is Her Majesty’s wedding dress, from 1947, and her coronation dress which we can see here, from 1953.”

One of the biggest highlights is the Queen’s wedding and Coronation dresses are displayed together for the first time to mark the Queen’s 90th birthday.

Both of the two historical dresses in 20th British history are designed by Sir Norman Hartnell.

The beautiful embroiderers and embellishment perfectly symbolise the emblem of the United Kingdom and its dominions at her succession to the throne.

It’s timeless cut and delicate workmanship have still been highly praised by fashion icons for the last 70 years.

SOUNDBITE: CAROLINE DE GUITAUT, Senior Curator of Decorative Arts
“Her Majesty’s coronation dress is regarded as one the most important pieces of a British couturier, it was designed by her couturier Norman Hartnell who had also designed her wedding dress, and it’s made of Duchesse satin, and it’s very heavily encrusted with beautiful embroidery, which represent an iconography of emblems of the United Kingdom, and the emblems which represent the dominions which Her Majesty became Queen on her succession, the embroidery is carried in crystal, pearls, beads, sequins and also coloured threads, and that what gives the encrustation and the embellishment such beautiful quality, the shape is incredibly timeless, it’s just a masterpiece of British design.”

The exhibition runs from July 23rd to October 2nd.

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