This Yishun Cleaner And His Two Families

In Yishun, town council cleaners don’t just keep the estate clean – they’re family too.

Mohammed Hanif has been working at Nee Soon Town Council for 13 years after leaving Dhaka, Bangladesh at the age of 22. He’s seen residents’ kids grow up, and become friends with several.
“Sometimes I will think of my family. But when I see residents, I can forget about everything in Bangladesh,” says Hanif.

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But that doesn’t stop him from missing home – where he’s supporting his parents, putting his brothers through school, and now, starting a family with a wife and their x-month-old son. It’s a bittersweet sacrifice.

“We can show a lot more appreciation for the work they do for us, for giving us this clean place to work in, live in and play in,” says Louis Ng, the chairman of Nee Soon Town Council.

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