Thumb-sized drones unveiled at Guangzhou Robot Expo

The 2015 China (Guangzhou) Intelligent Equipment and Robot Expo kicked off Saturday in Guangzhou, capital of south China’s Guangdong Province.

The four-day expo focuses on innovation and shows the latest development in various areas, such as robots, drones, flying jetpacks, 3D printing, etc.

Among them, drones are a highlight.

The smallest drone is only thumb-sized, weighing about 10 grams. But it can do something difficult, like somersaults and vertical turnings.

Here is another drone. Palm-sized, 20 grams, SD card supportive and 2 million pixels. It could be the smallest consumable and affordable drone.

“We have to put the lighting, 4 electric motors, a camera, the SD card slot and the circuit board all together. And that’s not an easy job.”

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