Tiandy Tech camera realizes mobile monitoring

A Chinese high technology corporation has developed an Internet video camera which allows users to monitor home with mobile devices.

Li Yang is the manager of the Internet department at Tianjin Tiandy Digital Co.,Ltd, or Tiandy Tech. He says their products can help users to monitor their home at any time.

SOUNDBITE(CHINESE): LI YANG, Manager of Internet Department at Tiandy Tech
“If we forget to lock the door or strangers enter the home and the camera will give an alarm including combustible gas leak, water overflow and so on and people can know what’s happening at once.”

According to the manager, the Internet camera has many special function including voice and video collecting, burglar alarm, biological recognition and so on. People can supervise the hidden danger at home.

In order to protect the users’ privacy and the technical staff has made full of preparation through encipherment protection.

SOUNDBITE(CHINESE): LV PENG, Product Manager at Tiandy Tech
“The camera with high security assurance can offer more convinence for people and encipherment protection made people take it easy and they are not necessary to be afraid of their privacy leak.”

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