Tiger & goat: will the unlikely friendship lasts?

An unlikely friendship continued to develop between a rare Amur tiger and its intended lunch a goat at a safari park in Russia’s Far East

The goat, called Timur, trotted into the tiger’s enclosure as part of the Amur’s twice-weekly live-feed in late November.

However instead of surrendering itself to be gobbled up for dinner, the fiesty goat chased the tiger and even moved into his bedroom.

The two have since struck up a friendship, spending most of their time together.

The case has stunned park director Dmitri Mezentsev, who referred to the situation as “really phenomenal.”

“The friendship between a tiger and a goat is a very unique phenomenon. I think it’s a message that all people in the world, despite our differences, should be friendly to each other.” Mezentsev said.

The three-year-old tiger has so far resisted the temptation to eat the goat.

But some worried it would be only a matter of time before Timur is eventually eaten.

The keepers ensure that the tiger is now fed on a daily basis, to try and prevent an unfortunate ending.

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