Time comes to watch blue whales in Loreto of Mexico

Water spouting by blue whales has made Town Loreto in the Pacific island state of Baja California Sur an important stop for visitors coming to Mexico, especially during the last week of January and the first week of February.

(Soundbite) Jose Carlos Cota Osuna, Tourism Official
“There are now one or two blue whales making a sight. This is the only part (in Mexico) where you can see blue whales. The season is coming.”

Blue whales used to converge to Loreto for their breeding cycle during the beginning of each year, which catalyzes the local government to incubate an ambitious plan to develop its tourism sector, with other unique resources considered as a package.

(Soundbite) Enrique de la Madrid Cordero, Federal Secretary of Tourism
“What we can offer is a variety of choices. Loreto is attractive when compared to other developed markets.”

Maritime creatures and historical vestiges combine to make Loreto an attractive must-see for travelers and nature lovers.

When watching dolphins swim in groups in his front, how can a tourist contain his appreciation of the town and resist the temptation of coming again next January?

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