To shoot or not to shoot? Chinese policeman’s restraint triggers questions

To shoot, or not to shoot, that was the question for Chinese police officer Sun, who showed great self-restraint after being assaulted by a drunk couple in Dalian city of Liaoning Province on Saturday.
Police officer Sun arrived at the scene, where the intoxicated pair Song and his wife Chi were found beating Song’s ex-wife. Video footage captured by a witness shows Sun with his gun drawn,  while the couple take turns shouting at him, pushing him and attempting to snatch his weapon. Reluctantly, Sun fired a warning shot into the air, though it did not deter the aggressive duo. From beginning to end, Sun didn’t fire at the couple, even after being struck fiercely in the crotch. 
The video has triggered a debate on Chinese social media. Some questioned why the police officer didn’t pull the trigger, while others said it would never be right to shoot the drunk couple.

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